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Songs + Videos of Homestead and Wolfe

The list of our LP album and CD, along with additional videos highlighting our work, and a few promos of our songs.

Our Times – The Gold Star Tapes (1973-75) CD

The Anopheles Records 008, 2004, CD added to the original LP Album six previously non-released songs.

  • “Slow Down”
  • “Love Comes Through My Door”
  • “King Of The Mountain”
  • “If I Never Show”
  • “See The Children Die”
  • “Do I Love You?”
  • “Your Freedom’s In Question”
  • “I Am Cain”
  • “Roll On, Tumbleweed”
  • “Beat Of The Drum” (previously unreleased)
  • “Rhythm Of The Wind” (previously unreleased)
  • “You’re All That I See” (previously unreleased)
  • “Mary Jane” (previously unreleased)
  • “See The Children Die” (previously unreleased)
  • “Beat Of The Drum” (Instrumental Version) (previously unreleased)

Vocalists on the CD:
JoAnne Avery Neish, Janice Gundy, Brian Gundy,
Dave Rupel, Ernie Bringas, and Ted Larson.

Intrumentals performed by The Wrecking Crew: Drummer Hal Blaine, lead guitarist Ben Benay, acoustic guitarist Al Casey, bass player Ray Pohlman, pedal steel guitar player Jay Dee Maness, on flute George Poole, piano on track 8 was Don Ralke, and all other keyboards, plus tambourine was JoAnne Avery Neish.

Original Songs
Producer: Ernie Bringas
Engineer: Stan Ross of Gold Star Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Conversion from tapes (masters and 16 track) to digital
Engineer: David Duke
CD Producers: Karl Ikola, of Anopheles Records with Ernie Bringas
Location: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.

Songs Available on Bandcamp

Please check out our bandcamp page to see more about the album, and purchase songs on-line at:

CD Available at Anopheles

Anopheles 008 CD – available at
$15 ppd in the US

Karl Ikola / Anopheles Records / genre: folk-rock-country-psych-pop / Countries that have a H&W CD in their borders: S. Korea, Japan, Greece, Sweden, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Portugal, Canada.   – Karl


Rhythm Of The Wind

Enjoy this beautiful song set to pictures.

Rhythm Of The Wind lyrics by Ernie Bringas, and music by JoAnne Avery Neish and Brian Gundy. Lead vocal by JoAnne Avery Neish.

Beat of the Drum – A Video of the 16 Tracks In Action

See the mixer board while hearing the sound tracks of this song.

Video produced and instrumental tracks mixed by group member Ted Larson

This mostly instrumental version is done by the Wrecking Crew with some additional lead guitar added by group member Ted Larson to emphasize the lead melody

See The Children Die

A video of artifacts at Custer’s Last Stand Memorial set to the music of Homestead & Wolfe’s song about Wounded Knee – coming soon.

See The Children Die is about Wounded Knee.
These images are taken at Little Bighorn.

Song Samples

Rhythm Of The Wind

Music by JoAnne Avery Neish and Brian Gundy
Lyrics by Ernie Bringas
Lead vocal by JoAnne Avery Neish

Rhythm Of The Wind

Slow Down

Music: Sheryl Johnson
Lyrics: Ernie Bringas & Sheryl Johnson
Lead vocal by Janice Gundy

Slow Down

Beat of the Drum

Music by Brian Gundy
Lyrics by Ernie Bringas
Lead vocal by Brian Gundy

Beat of the Drum

Your Freedom’s In Question

Music by Ted Larson and JoAnne Avery Neish
Lyrics by Ted Larson and Ernie Bringas
Lead vocal by Janice Gundy

Your Freedom’s In Question (a ’70’s protest song)

King of the Mountain

Music & Lyrics: Ernie Bringas, Brian Gundy and JoAnne Avery Neish

King of the Mountain

Hear & purchase songs at

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